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OMCCA HDTS 2050108

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  • Справочный номер Справочный номер 1073-55685
    Год выпуска Год выпуска 1993
    Количество часов в эксплуатации Количество часов в эксплуатации Нет данных
  • Продавцы

    Frech GmbH
    Werderstrasse 82
    74889 Sinsheim
    Showroom Logo
  • основные Категория

    Metal working machines
  • Категория

    Sheet Metalforming machines
  • Тип машины

    Hydraulic operated Bending Rolls
  • Производитель

  • Technical data

    sheet width
    2050 mm
    plate thickness
    10,00 mm
    pre-bending capacity
    8,00 mm
    upper roll diameter
    220 mm
    side roll diameter
    200 mm
    lower roll diameter
    220 mm
    bending speed
    5,0 m/min
    total power requirement
    7,5 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    5400 kg.
    range L-W-H
    4100 x 1600 x 1400 mm
  • Описание

    - Robust electro-hydraulic 4-roller bending machine
    - with conical bending device
    * Inclination of the bottom roller and the side rollers
    * Alignment in parallelism in each side roller position
    * Hardened stop roller
    * Workpiece limitation for a cone with a 45° gradient:
    * Working length max: 60%
    * Bending capacity max: 50%
    - mobile, freely movable operating unit
    - driven top and side rollers
    * driven by a central unit
    * Aggregate = hydraulic motor / epidermal gear / oscillating transmission joints
    * Rollers in good to very good condition (!!)
    - digital position indicators for the reels
    - Adjustable contact pressure of the bottom roller with manometer
    - hardened rollers SAE 1050 CK 45
    - Hydraulic folding store for removing closed pipes
    - manual central lubrication
    - User manual (IT)

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