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Used Wire bending and forming machines

Wire bending machines are machines specially designed for bending metal wire or steel wire. They are usually computer controlled and use CNC programming to perform wire bending in a precise manner. Wire bending machines can produce a variety of wire shapes, including simple bending shapes such as angles, loops and spirals, as well as more complex shapes such as hooks, eyes and springs. The machines can also be equipped with various tools and accessories to handle different wire thicknesses and materials. The advantages of wire bending machines are their high accuracy and repeatability, which allow complex shapes to be bent quickly and precisely. In addition, they can also shorten production time and reduce labor costs by providing an automated solution that requires a smaller number of workers. Wire bending machines are used in various industries such as automotive, medical, electronics and many others. They are also widely used in the production of wire goods such as lattices, fences, jewelry and other products that require precise wire bending.

WMW UPW 25.1 Thread Roll machine
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WMW UPW 25.1 Thread Roll machine
Wire bending and forming machines
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